Kate Odziemkowska

Papers Under Revision

“Ripple Effects: How Firm-Activist Collaborations Reduce Movement Contention” with Mary-Hunter McDonnell. Revise & resubmit at Strategic Management Journal. SSRN; email me for latest version. 

Synopsis:  Prior work suggests firms can reduce stakeholder contention (e.g., protests, lawsuits) by establishing collaborations with those stakeholders. We explore when collaborations produce ripple effects beyond the firm’s partner to attenuate contention from a broader set of stakeholders. Collaborations reduce contention against firms through two pathways: signaling and relational. As evidence of a signaling mechanism, we find that firms experience a decrease in contentious challenges from a movement after they collaborate with a more contentious activist in that movement, provided their partner can signal the authenticity of its motive for collaboration. As evidence of a relational mechanism, we find that firms face less contention when an activist with which they collaborate has more board interlocks with other activists in the movement. Our findings also generalize to stakeholder criticism beyond movement organizations, suggesting stakeholder collaborations are powerful means by which firms can exploit the identity and networks of stakeholder partners to fashion less contentious environments.

  • Winner of the Best Proposal Award from the Strategic Management Society’s Stakeholder Strategy Interest Group, 2017

Working Papers

“Friend or Foe: The Impact of Social Movements on Firm Innovation” with Yiying Zhu

Synopsis:  Comparing different tactics social movements use to engage companies, we find that contentious targeting (e.g., protests, lawsuits) can be a catalyst for innovation by companies on the issue advocated by the movement, while collaborating with companies leads to more novel innovations.

“When in Rome: Environmental NGOs' Strategic Adaptation to Foreign Contexts” with Aline Gatignon and Mary-Hunter McDonnell 

  • Nominated for Best Conference Paper, Strategic Management Society, 2016

“Firms’ Strategic Issue Frames: A Study of Marriage Equality Decisions” with Brian Chung and Alessandro Piazza

Work in Progress

“From Stakeholder to Activist: Interests, Identity and Community Mobilization” with Vanessa Burbano and Sinziana Dorobantu (analysis complete, writing manuscript)

“Acquisitions and Non-Market Stakeholder Synergies” with Emilie Feldman and Zeke Hernandez (data analysis)

“Paying for Silence: Activist Attacks and Corporate Giving” with Haram Seo (data analysis)

“A Policy Life-Cycle Perspective on Firm-Activist Collaborations” (data analysis)

“Social Activism Spillovers Along Supply Chains” with Mary-Hunter McDonnell (data collection)

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